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Shoutout to the Ichihime fandom

for being the most patient, graceful fandom I’ve ever known. We get literally the most amount of hate (on a DAILY basis!) for loving what we love, get called “delusional”, “desperate" and other belittling derogatory terms thrown at us, and yet we are still standing strong. So this is to us, for standing up for what we love with pride and grace without ever stooping as low as those rabid anti-IH’s level . I’m so proud to be apart of this wonderful fandom!  


Group hug, guys <3

Sorry if this was too cheesy, but really. The amount of hate we get is ridiculous. We don’t get enough credit for putting up with the shit we get from the anti-IHs enough. We’re fucking champs. 

You think it’s cool to hate things. And it’s not. It’s boring. Talk about what you love and keep quiet about what you don’t. By

Zibby, Liberal Arts (2012)

And this right here is the universal truth that every shipper should know. You don’t like the other ship? That’s okay. No ones forcing you to! But don’t go around imposing your hate on the people who actually love that ship. That is NOT okay. Just ship and let ship. This has been a PSA, happy blogging everyone! :)

Hey hey there you talented people, hear me out. So I have this idea where Ichigo is about to lose the fight and he’s about to get killed (like the time he fought Ulquiorra) and Orihime, against his wishes, saves him. But she does more, she kills his opponent before she could stop herself from doing so (her powers are technically spatial regression right, so she could erase your entire existence if she wanted to) And when she realizes it, she sort of just stands there, mind completely blank, cause well, she just made her first kill. She didn’t mean to, but it’s already done. Ichigo just slowly walks up to her and carefully, gently asks her if she’s alright (like he always does) but she doesn’t respond. Instead, she looks at her hands, dumbfounded, and tears start pouring down her cheeks (even if she didn’t want to) Then, Ichigo just wordlessly gathers her into his arms and holds her, telling her it’s not her fault. She saved him. And, yeah. That’s it really.

Can someone write a fanfiction or draw a scene out of this? That’d be so awesome. ♪( ´▽`)

Hey, there friends, I just needed to get something off my chest. 

This is regarding Rukia in the latest chapter and this might rub some Rukia fans the wrong way, so if you don’t think this is your cup of tea please stop reading right here :)

Really, right here would be good. 

So, I have one teeny tiny problem with the latest chapter. What the hell was that about? I mean, you went through that training and everything just to cop out at the last second cause you got too scared and your big brother had to come and fucking rescue you? Oh, come on. I was expecting so much more than that! Like her being fucking bad ass like Renji was and wipe that “Fear” ‘s ass all on her own, but nope, didn’t happen. Kinda disappointed. 

On a somewhat related note, if this was to happen to Orihime, a lot of people would be getting on her case. They’ll say how weak and useless she is, but when these things happen to Rukia (which happens quite a bit, actually), nobody says anything like that. They’ll coddle her like the precious gem she is. And that is so, very frustrating. Whats with the double standards anyway? 

Right. I’m just gonna leave this here.I’m sorry if that might’ve sounded harsh but this is a rant, after all.